Bleeding Blue

I've had the incredible opportunity to work with Fox News Contributor Kevin Jackson for the last six months. He, along with Kevin Sorbo, are producing the film Bleeding Blue about the false narrative that law enforcement officers are blood-thirsty creatures out to harm or even murder minorities.

This movie comes during a time when police officers are being shot and killed at an all-time high rate. This is a sick epidemic that seems to be created by this culture war created and exacerbated by eight years of the Obama administration.

Check out the trailer for the film, help fund a film premiere or sponsor the movie at Thank you for your support of this film and of Law Enforcement Officers around the country who leave their families at home everyday to go out on the streets and protect your family! God Bless. #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter

Redneck Riviera Cowboy Boots

Santa brought me an extra special gift this year - these Redneck Riviera boots scream "Freedom Bitches" and I couldn't be more proud to wear them and represent the incredible United States of America! Yee Haw!!!

Freedom Boot
Redneck Riviera also has tons of other beautiful cowboy boots for both men and women (kids' sizes coming very soon) that you can check out here: RNR Footwear. If you're interested in picking up a pair of these fine boots don't forget to upsize by 1/2 size. 

Get Kaya Jones to #1

Calling on my followers and friends!! Kaya Jones is an incredible artist. She's also truly one of the kindest people I know. She and Joy Villa have raised over $1Mil for the charity Mercury One ( Every dollar they raise goes directly to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Please donate $5 to this amazing organization and while you're at it, spend $1 to purchase Kaya's new song on Amazon. The song has slipped to #7 on the pop chart. We'd love to get her to #1. 

A HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Don't forget to check out the video on YouTube. It's incredibly inspiring.

Kaya Jones In Recording Studio

The latest from my friend, my fellow patriot warrior and my client Kaya Jones who's currently in the recording studio prepping her new song. Give it a listen and tell us what you think!


Thank You Patriots

Thank you to all my patriot brothers and sisters who've stuck by me over the last 2 years. It's been a journey, many ups and downs, lots of attacks from the other side and even some from our side. I am eternally grateful for all the support given to me.
I've been on Team Trump since 2013, before he ever even publicly announced a presidential run. I've poured my heart and soul into making sure he won the nomination and then the election. Along the way I've met some truly incredible people, been blessed to find myself mentored by people you might not ever expect to open themselves up to an average girl like me and I'm so eternally grateful for these gifts from God. 
I have never apologized for who I am and I will not start now. Yes, I swear - A LOT. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings or offends you but that's me. Take it or leave it but do not EVER ask me to change. I am who I am. I'm a strong, New York-born Italian woman who never backs down. Tha…

Update on MAGA Awards

After seeing how the MAGA march/rally came together (or in this case "didn't come together") on Memorial Day weekend in D.C., I've decided I won't be attending the MAGA Awards planned by the same team of people. Instead I'm putting my energy and time into the nationwide #MarchForJustice to fight for justice for the families of Extortion 17 and Benghazi. See website for more details March For Justice along with the press release and flyers below.

This event will be taking place nationwide. As cities are confirmed they'll be added to the website so check back often.
If you donated to me for my trip to the MAGA Awards via my PayPalMe account and would like a refund, I'm happy to do so. If not, I'll use the money to pay my way to March For Justice. I haven't decided which event I'll be attending as I'm torn between San Diego/Los Angeles, New York City or D.C. I'll keep you all posted! If you'd like to donate to help me with my expens…